“SandStory” Technical Rider For Joe Castillo

Set Up For Sandstory Performance

  1. Large projector(s) and screen(s) provide visibility for the entire audience
    (A Large screen TV is adequate for small audiences)
  2. Sound system to fill the room
  3. Tech personnel to monitor audio and video equipment

Provided By Joe Castillo:

  1. Light/Sand Table see diagram below (assembly is 25 minutes on or back stage)
  2. Video and Audio check at least 30 minutes before doors open.
  3. Sand, Light Table, Camera and Music (ipod) are provided by Joe Castillo:


ArtStory is a live drawing with a narrated story

  1. 4’ X 8’ Sheet of smooth-faced 3/4” plywood with an easel or stand on stage or riser.
    visible to all audiences.
  2. Adequate lighting
  3. Countryman microphone (headset) and sound system to fill the room