“What is a SandStory “ Presentation

“SandStory” consists of art images created by Joe Castillo as he draws in sand with his hands on a light table. The performance is scored and choreographed to recorded music.  They are performed live on stage and video projected on a screen for large audiences

Performances from Joe Castillo’s “SandStory Repertoire:

Transformation: (8-12 min)

(Inaugurations – Conferences – Sales Events)

Transformation is all about growth. Change from small to big, fearful to ferocious and weak to powerful. Mostly animals, birds and fish ending with a custom logo or design.

Power (8-12 min)

(Motivational Events – Sales Events)

Speed and strength depicted by Falcons, race horses, Camels, and lions. Can be ended with a custom logo or design.

Celebrate Life: (8-12 min)

(Eco Events – Award Ceremonies )

Going Green! Plants, growth, and the joy of life through growth and change. People going through the stages of life ending with a custom logo or design.

Hospitality: (8-12 min)

(Hotel, Lodging Events – Travel, Vacation)

Encouragement to slow down. The frustration of travel, the journey, stress transitioning to a peaceful welcome, good food and a good night sleep, ending with a custom logo or design.

USA: (8-12 min)

(Patriotic – Military Events)

This patriotic presentation includes the images of some of Americas best known musical icons: Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Elvis, along with images that are part of the American heritage. It can end with a custom logo or design.

Wild! (5-7 min)

(Adventure – Celebration – Family Events)

An African theme with the sights, sounds and animals of the African veldt. Can be ended with a custom logo or design.

Diversity: (5-7 min)

(Diversity Days – International Events)

Two very different children finding friendship and peace. Can be ended with a custom logo or design.

Gabriel’s Oboe: (6-8 min.)

(Weddings – Parties – Celebrations)

A classical story of romance. This beautiful performance with a lyrical flow leads to a storybook ending. It can end with a custom logo or design.

Read a Book: (3-5 min.)

(Book Conventions – Childrens Events)

A fun, whimsical presentation for kids of all ages encouraging people to ‘read a book.’ Can be ended with a custom logo or design.

Performance with a live band or orchestra and Custom Live performances can be developed:

Original “SandStory” performances can be custom created to existing compositions or original music scores, by request. A minimum of six weeks lead time and additional practice times are requested. These custom live “SandStory” presentations can include your own images, logos, and themes.

Commercials and International performances are also available.

For Booking information contact:

Tim Grable – Nashville Speakers Bureau – 615-263-4143 ext 224 – t.g@nashvilleagency.com

Spiritual SandStory

SandStory: consists of art images created by Joe Castillo  as he draws in sand on a light table. The performance is performed live on stage and video projected on a screen for any size audience.

“Sandstory” Presentations

SandStory Sets: (30 min to 60 min. of SandStories and Teaching)

God’s Love Story:

The Story of God’s love flowing through out the scriptures incorporating four to six SandStory pieces – Creation, Feelin’ Good, Noah, Freedom from the Chains, Prodigal Son & The Passion

The Living Old Testament:

An understanding of the Old Testament through the lives of Adam & Eve, Moses, Noah, David, Isaiah and Daniel.

SandStory pieces – Creation, The Ten Commandments, The Flood, Daniel and The Prophets.

The Living New Testament:

An understanding of the New Testament through the four Gospels and the lives of Jesus, Paul, Peter and John.

SandStory pieces – The Four Gospels, the Passion, Writers of the New Testament, The Second Coming.

Individual SandStory Pieces

The Passion: ( 10 min or 20 min)

A dramatic depiction of the betrayal, beating and crucifixion of Christ performed to the powerful music of Mel Gibson’s motion picture, “The passion of the Christ.”

Creation: (10 min or 20 min)

Six days of creation plants, fish, birds, animals ending with the creation of Adam & Eve.

The Miracle of Christmas:

(10 min or 20 min) from the appearance of the angel to Mary, Mary and Joseph’s travel to Bethlehem to the birth in the stable. A touching story for the Advent season.

The Prodigal: (10 min)

The struggle of willfulness, rebellion and failure overshadowed by the power of grace forgiveness and love shown in the parable of the prodigal son.

Freedom from the Chains: (10 min)

Breaking free from addictions and destructive habits reflected in the love of Christ demonstrated toward the woman caught in adultery.

“What If”: (5 min)

To the song “What if” written by Matt McCoy worship leader at Willow Creek Community Church asks the question, “What if my heart were right with God?”

“My Lords Prayer” (4 min)

Based on the best–known prayer in the entire world, this performance illustrates The Lord’s Prayer in an entirely unique way and touches people with the beauty of the words, the music and magical sand animations.

“A Baby Changes Everything” (5 min)

A touching SandStory of the song by Faith Hill about how much a pregnancy and a child changes things. And the eternal change made by the birth of Christ.

“God Bless the USA” (4 min)

Lee Greenwood’s classic patriotic song done in Sand with images of the flag, our finest and the statue of liberty.

“Celebrate Life” (8-12 min)

The joy of life, hope, fun and happiness. People enjoying going through the stages of life.

“Parables” (8 min)

Four of Christ’s best known parables illustrated in Sand. The Wedding Feast, The Talents, The Mustard Seed and the Parable of the Yeast each illustrated in a short 3 min. vignettes.

Custom Worship Sets

SandStory can be performed with selected worships songs performed by your musician or worship team. The price on custom pieces needs to be negotiated separately.

What is “ArtStory”?

“ARTSTORY” Is a marker drawing on a four foot by eight foot mural while giving a 35-45 minute inspirational message.

ArtStory Presentations:

The Face of Christ: (35-45 min.)

A message of forgiveness and hope as demonstrated by the life of Christ and the story of this very unique drawing. Inspiration for churches, conferences and recovery groups.

The Lord is my Shepherd: (35 – 45 min.)

A story of walking through difficulty and the valley of the shadow of death in the care of the shepherd as described in the 23 Psalm. Support for grief and addiction recovery groups.

Narnia by C.S. Lewis: (35-45 min.)

A message of inspiration affirming the use of the arts in sharing the good news with the world.

Moses: (35 – 45 min.)

The challenges of leadership depicted by the life of Moses, one of the worlds greatest leaders. Motivation for pastors, leadership teams, and conferences.

Mary: (35 – 45 min.)

Learning servant-hood through the sacrificial life of a simple peasant girl who was used by God to bring the greatest gift to mankind. Encouragement for volunteer teams, workers and mission trips.

In His Arms: (35 – 45 min.)

The value of children illustrated by the lives of child heroes whose courageous exploits are recorded in the Bible. Fun for children, teachers and a powerful pro-life performance.

Paul: (35 – 45 min.)

Taking up the missionary legacy as lived out by Paul, the greatest missionary of all time. Motivation for outreach, evangelism and missions.

The Greatest Gift: (35 – 45 min.)

A Christmas story illustrating how the tale of the babe in the manger is not complete without the cross. The greatest story told in a unique new way.

The Four Gospels: (35 – 45 min.)

This educational drawing teaches the uniqueness of each of the four gospels and why they are different. Good for classes, conferences and Bible study groups.

A Servant to the World: (35 – 45 min.)

The power of hospitality and its ability to reach people from any where in the world.

ArtStory requirements:

ArtStory requires an 4 foot x 8 foot wall or easel onstage that can be seen well without video projection for an audience of approximately 150 – 200 people. In larger venues a video camera and projection screen is recommended. The only other requirement is a lapel or ‘ear’ microphone. Each ArtStory presentation lasts approximately 35-45 min. The signed and dated artwork can be done on canvas and is available for sale after the performance.