Love Letters

This mystical allegory is a love story, written to encourage young adults to read Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible, and draw them into a deeper love for God with a greater appreciation and knowledge of the scriptures.

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As a bilingual speaker, Joe has written stories in English and Spanish for over three decades. He has mastered the ability to share stories that inspire, motivate and touch people’s hearts. The Face of Christ and SandStories are a few of his stories but now LOVE LETTERS, His latest book, written for young women to encourage them to understand and read the scriptures.

The Story

“I am Tzaddi, governess to the Prince. I was the only mother he ever knew.”
“Well, what is that to me, old woman? I have never seen the Prince and he has never seen me.
“Ahh, Beth my child, that is where you are wrong. The Prince has chosen you to be his bride.”
“You mock me. This must be the babbling of a deranged mind.”
Taking a step forward, the ancient messenger pulled a leather volume, like a jewel encrusted case from her cloak. She held the book out.
“From the castle walls he watched. These are letters he wrote of his love for you.”
“He watched me?”
“He did. And gave instructions.
You must prepare to travel. He is expecting you to go to him.”
It was too much to believe. Beth started to turn away but the beauty of the book pulled her back. What words had he written to her?
She looked hard at the wrinkled face in the shadows.
“Are you sure you are telling me the truth, old lady?”

So the journey began. On the road, Beth is transformed and tested beyond her limits as she is challenged to search for Him with her whole heart.

‘Love Letters,’ a medieval tale of a discouraged young woman, enticed into a harrowing quest by passionate love letters written to her by a Prince she has never met. On her journey, she is seduced, abused, beaten and humiliated, leaving her ashamed and convinced that she is not worthy of being loved. A mysterious alphabet, along with the passionate letters she carries, encourage her to persevere in her search to find the Prince that won her heart and changed her life, with his words.

This mystical allegory is a love story, written to surreptitiously get young adults to read Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible, and draw them into a deeper love for God with a greater appreciation and knowledge of the scriptures.


I love a good story!

I write, share, paint, and create stories in sand for live audiences.
Mexico City was where I was born, grew up and learned to love art and stories. The schools I almost flunked out of, were Ringling College of Art and Design, Florida Bible College and Asbury Seminary.

Many of the hats I have worn include: advertiser, publisher, pastor, entrepreneur, writer, artist and storyteller. I now wear a beret, and I wrote this story for you. My “storytelling artwork” was born out of my struggle to forgive which I wrote about in my first book, The Face of Christ.

SandsStory has been my greatest adventure in Storytelling. I use sand, light and music to engage and inspire audiences all over the world. These stories have been performed in over twenty countries for churches, conferences, Fortune 500 companies, world leaders, CBS, NBC, the BBC and reached the finals on America’s Got Talent.

I am married to my “Glad Girl”, Cindy, have four kids, we have eight grandchildren and love living just south of Atlanta, Georgia in a new town for creatives called Trilith.
If you are nearby, stop and visit.


SandStory consists of art images created by Joe Castillo as he draws in sand with his Hands-on light table. This captivating performance is scored and choreographed to live or recorded music with a video projected on a screen for large audiences.
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His drawings use detailed illustrations, are able to captivate an audience and weave an intricate story that always ends with a great inspirational lesson and a surprise illustration that brings it all together. Check the store to see all the prints cards and paintings.

Customer Reviews

I was hooked from the first page. This novel is written in a beautiful style reminiscent of JRR Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, John Bunyan, and the like. Each page is lush with rich language that brings the setting and the characters to life. Joe Castillo has created a classic that is perfect for teenagers and adults, male or female. The heroine is flawed and full of the same doubts we all encounter, yet when she remembers to seek wisdom from the love letters given to her for her journey, she finds strength and hope to finish the task before her. I would tell you more, but I don't want to spoil it for you! I highly recommend this book.

Stephaine Rose

Heartwarming tale of adventure, challenge and triumph

This book was absolutely amazing! I hope it gets made into a movie. I read it on vacation and could not put it down. Such a sweet story that everyone needs to hear. I LOVED it and will give it as a gift to everyone I know. ♥️🙌🏼♥️

Kara Keifer

Powerful + Page Turner

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